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What Does the Plus in "Recipes+" Mean?

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

When I first created the My Dose of Sunshine website, this section was titled “Recipes”, but after reflecting on what I wanted to provide food-wise the word recipe alone no longer aligned. Aside from recipes I plan to provide shopping tips, chef knowledge, nutrition information, substitutions, and so much more. I understand why people tell stories with their recipes, but I often scroll past them when I’m in a crunch. With that, I want my recipes to be recipes and other information and/or stories to be separate… all under the same tab, just not the same page. Recipes plus other food-related content = Recipes+. I plan to provide you all with My Dose of Sunshine when it pertains to food and nutrition. I’m naturally a researcher with a lot of web browsers open and a lot of books, and I believe that what I know should be shared and accessible.

A few things to know:

· Most recipes will, if not vegan already, have a vegan alternative

· A lot of ingredients can be substituted, i.e. avocado oil in a recipe that calls for grapeseed oil

· I personally always use vegan butter and a dairy-free milk substitute in any recipe that calls for butter or milk, the choice is yours

· Reading the ingredient label is so important (I will make a post to further go into detail on how to read labels and ingredients to avoid, it’ll later get linked here)

· Organic ingredients typically reign supreme, opt for organic when and where possible/accessible (what organic actually means will eventually be hyperlinked here)

I don't have it all figured out just yet, but we'll get there together. Always feel free to message me with suggestions, questions, or requests.

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