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What is My Dose of Sunshine?

A dose of anything is a measured quantity of something given to be taken or administered at a certain time for a certain reason. So, why would anyone want or need a dose of sunshine? Well, science says that without the sun the Earth would be a "lifeless ball of ice-coated rock". The sun provides warmth and energy that we otherwise would not have. The sun provides us with vitamin D which increases our serotonin, the chemical that helps regulate mood, social behavior, appetite, sleep, memory and sexual desire. Now that I'm writing this maybe I should have named this A Shot of Serotonin. Anyways, knowing what a dose is and what the sun provides, you can piece together my thoughts behind My Dose of Sunshine

My Dose of Sunshine is essentially an abundance of content that aims to bring out the sunshine within all of us + give that extra shot of what the sun provides. Whether it be through our stomachs and indulging in delicious foods, or through meditation and taking time to calm our minds, My Dose of Sunshine isn't just a lifestyle blog, it aims to meet you on whatever journey you have set for yourself. 

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