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I believe that there are many parts of you used to serve your purpose; your personality, your plethora of interests, and most importantly, your heart. All of these elements brought me to start My Dose of Sunshine. I know you're supposed to focus on your niche, but I couldn't bring myself to limiting the content.


The My is My Dose of Sunshine comes from the "My" in my name, Mylaica. For those wondering, my name is pronounced my-LAI-kə (cuh). I'm from Flint, Michigan, presently residing in the Bay Area. I currently hold a bachelor's and master's degree. I plan on beginning a doctoral program in the next couple of years. I am a certified Health Coach and Yoga Teacher in training, also considering other certifications and programs to help me gain knowledge to achieve some of my future goals. Outside of university I have completed courses about mental health, medicinal foods, and business. My goal is to not place myself in a figurative box by quieting things that interest me. I feel like if I plan strategically and act accordingly I can do it all.

I have gratitude towards your presence and hope that you enjoy.





Shop: I consider myself to be a crafty gal. I enjoy creating and have always found pleasure in making things myself. My little shop was created for ease of purchasing because Instagram dm’s weren’t cutting it anymore.  The ‘Shop’ tab will allow you to safely and efficiently purchase my creations, there is even the option for customs. All items sold are handcrafted with love.

Recipes+: I'm a self-proclaimed, trial and error, cooking competition watching, cooking class assisting, recipe changing "chef", aka I enjoy cooking and I cook well. I will share recipes that I and/or my family and friends enjoy. I cook for the picky kid, the plant-based, the carnivores, those that like to eat healthy or have dietary restrictions, and those that just like to eat. In this section you will also find tips, nutrition info, and food guides. Recipes+ more!

Self-Care: We get busy, we get stressed, we help everyone that we can, but we sometimes forget ourselves. We have to help ourselves, look after ourselves and care for ourselves. Self-care ranges from simply taking a break or having a spa day, to deep meditation. Really it's what suites you... as long as you're taking that time. Let's take that time, together.

Wanderlust: I would call myself a wanderer, an explorer, and even an adventurer. I enjoy seeing what this Earth is made of. I've been to China, lived in Europe and thoroughly enjoy Dominican sand, but there are thousands of places that I have not been, but would love to go. The 'Wanderlust' tab is for those seeking adventure and culture. 

Lifestyle: For those moments I want to share that don't necessarily fit into the other tabs. For example; my friends, finding my "purpose" in life, that trip to the mall, the story of a growing love, etc., etc., etc. Basically whatever is on my heart that doesn't fall under self-care, food or travel. Because after all, I am multi-faceted, right?

Welcome, and thank you for being here. 

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